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Jan 18th, 2018, 10:10pm

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 1   Current Continuity, Issues, and Arcs / Re: Upcoming reprints  on: Yesterday at 4:27pm
Started by masahikotahara | Post by snipe
This looks like an interesting series:

In these stories that immediately follow BATMAN: YEAR ONE, the Dark Knight must rescue Catwoman from the clutches of the Joker, contend with a newly paroled Mad Hatter and deal with the maddening double crimes of Two-Face! While this might seem like a normal week for Batman, he also jets over to London to work on an unsolved Sherlock Holmes mystery with the Elongated Man and Slam Bradley. Collects DETECTIVE COMICS #568-574 and #579-582.
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 2   Current Continuity, Issues, and Arcs / Re: Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City  on: Jan 14th, 2018, 09:56am
Started by masahikotahara | Post by Nick
It's this one:

There is also a new TPB containing this short run and a number of unrelated issues from the same period:

I haven't read the new TPB yet, but it's a nice gap filler of previously uncollected material shortly before Knightfall.

EDIT - I say "new" for a TPB published in 2015...

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 3   Current Continuity, Issues, and Arcs / Re: Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City  on: Jan 14th, 2018, 09:44am
Started by masahikotahara | Post by snipe
Is this the Azzarrello run?
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 4   Current Continuity, Issues, and Arcs / Re: Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City  on: Jan 13th, 2018, 06:45am
Started by masahikotahara | Post by Nick
I should re-read this book, it has been a long time so my memory is very hazy.

I don't remember anything so contradictory that it cannot be in Continuity. If anything, I think the 'facts' and actions of the story were quite compatible, but I think perhaps Batman got a much greater 'understanding' of the events in Morrison's run, so perhaps his monologue in the older book doesn't quite align with what he learns later? I'd have to re-read to say for sure.

Nonetheless, I think Morrison intended Dark Knight, Dark City to be an unofficial prelude to his epic. Unofficial as in not written by him but he was building on the ideas and intended it to be a previous adventure of course, not that it never happened. So confusing, ha ha.

Anyway, I'm sure panels like the summoning ritual of Barbatos/Barbathos in the past were recreated in Morrison's run almost exactly (and developed further), but the previously unnamed character was revealed as Thomas Wayne Jr/Simon Hurt.

Although, if you have any issues with the story yourself and feel it can't be kept in Continuity, I'd love to hear them so I know what to look out for next time!
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 5   Current Continuity, Issues, and Arcs / Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City  on: Jan 8th, 2018, 02:25am
Started by masahikotahara | Post by masahikotahara
Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City. A pretty fun read, but I suppose it is not in continuity, since the story was reworked by Grant Morrison in his Batman & Robin series?
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 6   News, updates / Re: Site update  on: Jan 1st, 2018, 11:04am
Started by snipe | Post by TheMidnighter
Screw Daddy!
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 7   News, updates / Re: Site update  on: Jan 1st, 2018, 09:52am
Started by snipe | Post by snipe
I'm changing hosts. Go Daddy's upping the prices almost double.
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 8   Off Topic / Re: Disney purchases Lucasfilm. SW EP7 in 2015  on: Jan 1st, 2018, 07:06am
Started by snipe | Post by TheMidnighter
I felt disappointed in The Last Jedi.

Everything seems to have been said already, but I have two main gripes

First, Luke Skywalker felt completely out of character. He is so dismissive and disrespectful of not only Rey but of his entire Jedi heritage. Luke is the prototypical, exemplary Jedi to many of us, yet he spits on the Force. Even if I could accept his willingness to kill Ben Solo after sensing some Dark in him, I still did not want to see Luke of all people stand ready to strike down a child, especially one under his care.

Second gripe is that Finn's subplot (visit to the Casino World and infiltration of the starship) was completely unnecessary. If Poe had just been involved in the plans of Vice Admiral Holdo, the Resistance would probably be way better off.

I left the theatre in disbelief. This is the first Star Wars film that I truly did not like. The characters did not feel like Star Wars characters. The story did not feel like a Star Wars story.
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 9   Off Topic / Re: Disney purchases Lucasfilm. SW EP7 in 2015  on: Dec 29th, 2017, 3:39pm
Started by snipe | Post by snipe
Alright, enough time for some SPOILERS.
It rambles, this is off memory from seeing it on opening night. I do plan on seeing it again.


what I didn't like:

Part 1: the space battle
>Bomber ships which utilized gravity. In space. The bombers we saw previously going after the Falcon in the asteroid belt had propelled "bombs." They weren't just dropped.
>laughoe not being executed (or at least detained) for treason. He should have been. Period. If he was important enough to not be executed, he was important enough to be in on the plan. I applaud that Leia demoted him initially for disobeying orders.
>The First Order ships not just destroying the "rebel" ship. That's a tired trope. They easily could have. Zoom around, attack from multiple sides. Instead, "nah, just keep shooting and let them slowly bleed out and/or escape." Same as a villain monologuing.
>The hologram transmission from the cantina lady who had possession of the lightsaber in e7 (Maz? not important enough of a character for me to remember her name) - there were multiple camera angles of her ... within a phone call. Did she have cameramen following her around during a fight? Was it some sort of galactic reality show?
>The side plot to the casino planet. COMPLETELY unnecessary to the progression of the film. If you cut out the entire plotline, the film would have ended the same. Again, if Poe was executed / detained, they would have been in better position and this would not have occurred.
>Why didn't the resistance (which is somehow different than the republic) use one of their other evacuated ships to hyperspace into the flat deathstar before they let them be destroyed? They got destroyed anyway. If that's a weapon in the arsenal, why not utilize it earlier in the fight?
>The entire movie took place during a slow-speed space chase. It was like OJ in the white Bronco. The cops were just waiting for it to run out of gas.

Part 2: Luke & Rey
>Tossing the lightsaber. Seems out of character for Luke. I know he's been away from human contact for some time, but that just seemed odd. She knows who he is, it's not like he can play silly Yoda to her.
>Milking the creature. This is along the lines of a dick & fart joke. It just didn't feel right in a SW setting. It was very Jar Jar to me.
>Rey being able to swim. She's from a desert planet and in the previous film remarked something like "I didn't know there was this much green in the entire universe." Where she grew up, water was a huge commodity, so she would never have had any swimming experience.
>Kylo's shirtless scene. WTF? The director stated this was to show that they could see each other during their telepathic connections, but that's all he could come up with? Had it been the other way around, activists would be attacking Disney. I thought we wanted equality.
>The nun caretakers of the temple. Again, very Jar Jar to me.
>Rey receiving ZeRo training, yet being more or less full Jedi. The prequel Jedi were schooled from an early age, then paired with a teacher in a one-on-one environment before they were "knighted." Luke was trained by 2 masters, albeit briefly, then had years to learn on his own (and perhaps with the aid of Yoda, Obi-wan, and Anakin force ghosts). Rey didn't know what the Force was or that Jedi actually existed two days before this movie started.

Part 3: the salt planet
>The airships with ground rudders. Why build an airship that wasn't stable unless it was slowed down by ruddering itself to the damn ground?
>Rose crashing her ground-rudder ship into Finn's. They were neck-and-neck on the attack run, but her ship was magically faster and able to veer off and hit him from the side without him slowing down? Then they both survived?
>How did Kylo think for a minute Luke was there? (1) His beard was no longer gray and long. It was trim and dark. Did he have a razor and some Jedi Just For Men? (2) He was using the lightsaber that was ripped apart in a previous (Snoke) scene. (3) He wasn't kicking up red salt / sand when he moved like everything else.

Part 4: villains
>Snoke's background: (a) I understand one of his Force strengths is telepathic communication of some sort, but where did he encounter Ben Solo and bond with him? (b) How did he come to power? He's obviously old, old enough to have existed during the Empire, but nothing is stated. I know we got no background on Palpatine until the prequels, but there weren't previous films when he was introduced, so we didn't *need* to know his background. We have "prequels" to this story already, so we should know at least something. Was he military prior? Was he a politician? Again, if this were the first two films, I don't need to know where he came from. This is 7 & 8. He's *the* major player.

Part 5: heroes we know
>Chewbacca's uselessness. He was just there as background.
>C3PO's red arm that he made such a big deal of in e7 is gone. And e7 was only a few hours before e8. Real time.
>Leia flying through space. I understand that she's a Force user. She's obviously had some training with her brother and son being Jedi. I also made note that they went out of their way to show that the ship was shielded and she was behind that shield. I understand new Force powers and love the theory, it just sucked as a scene and looked terrible.
>The mention of Admiral Ackbar dying in the explosion. Just a mention. That's all he deserved?
>Luke is a goddamn hero. I understand that his mentors went into hiding and "gave up," but I feel like he should be better than that. He insisted he could feel the good in Vader when no one else would even consider it, and refused to kill him at risk of his own life. Then he honestly considered murdering his nephew / student IN HIS SLEEP WITHOUT TALKING TO HIM FIRST because he felt the dark side in him? Then just gave up on him? He never bothered to confront him, try to bring him back? No apology?

>Going forward, the entirety of the so called resistance can fit in the Falcon. That puts the next writer / director in a pickle if the "good guys" are going to win. It almost felt like this guy said "F all this, I'm going to destroy everything that's happened before so that the next guy will have a crappy sandbox to play in." Like when a comic writer is getting fired and he knows it. Blows up a bunch of stuff as an F-you to the publisher and next writer.

what I liked:
>Rey not having a background. Awesome. The Galaxy is huge, not everyone needs to be related. The Jedi of the Old Republic were taken from their homes at a young age and were not allowed to marry / have children. Bloodlines are not necessary for Jedi / Force manipulators.
>Luke invoking the prequels by mentioning Darth Sidious and the failure of the Jedi (council) at that time.
>The crystal fox things looked really cool.
>The porgs were not overly Jar Jar or a part of the plot. Just kind of scenery.
>The explanation that the Force rises and falls in a sort of balance. Snoke & Kylo rise in the dark, Rey and other children rise in light. Snoke dies, Luke starts using the Force again.
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 10   News, updates / Re: Site update  on: Dec 27th, 2017, 4:21pm
Started by snipe | Post by snipe
Site's down at the moment. I had to unforward from the previous domain. Not sure how long that'll take.
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