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Gordon as Batman
Post by Delly1984 on Jan 5th, 2017, 1:28pm

Good evening all,

Just wondering what people made of the Gordon as Batman thing, I know it's a while ago now but I love the commish and am thinking I might try and get hold of this arc.

What did everyone think of it and, if its worth reading what issues do I need to get hold of.

Happy New Year guys ! x
Re: Gordon as Batman
Post by snipe on Jan 5th, 2017, 4:07pm

I jumped off at nu52. Sounded pretty trite, though.
Re: Gordon as Batman
Post by Nick on Jan 6th, 2017, 08:52am

I have only read it in part, but honestly what I read was silly fun. Like all of Snyder's New 52 work, it is a very dumbed down derivative of previous stories. His entire hipster beloved run pretty much amounts to a very simplified retelling of Grant Morrison's preceding Post Crisis epic with a lot of ham fisted blunt regurgitating of the deeper Frank Miller and Alan Moore themes thrown in for good measure. But of course, fresh off an excellent Dick Grayson Batman run, he couldn't really do that again (not that Morrison just doing something stopped Snyder with much of his other stories), it did force him to go down the crazy route of Gordon which was just so dumb it sort of worked in a fun way.

Honestly, as bad and obscenely overated as his run was, when Comixology do a massive sale on it I will actually buy it all just for the Gordon chapter alone because that finally felt like Snyder trying to break away and actually do something interesting at last that wasn't just a simplified 'Best-Of Batman 1986-2011' as it were.