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Ghostbusters - The Girls Brigade
Post by Delly1984 on Jul 6th, 2016, 04:43am

With a week to go I was just wondering what peoples thought's are on the Ghostbusters reboot propaganda so far. I am a massive 'busters fan and have been since about 1986 when I asked for a toy Stay Puft for Christmas !

Really gutted with what I have seen so far after a 27 year wait. So what are your thought on the trailers, screen shots and interviews seen so far?

Re: Ghostbusters - The Girls Brigade
Post by TheMidnighter on Jul 6th, 2016, 06:00am

I have managed to evade most of the trailers. I cannot say I am too interested in this movie whatsoever. The bad press it has been getting (from diehard fans, but still) hasn't helped.
Re: Ghostbusters - The Girls Brigade
Post by snipe on Jul 6th, 2016, 06:10am

Same here. I remember having the souvenir photo book of the original movie. Loved it. That was a great couple of summers for movies for 6-8 year old me. GhostBusters, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future.
I'll go see this one. My wife is a big SNL fan and she wants to go. I don't have high hopes, so maybe I'll be surprised.
Like with everything else, I just don't see the point in the reboot. It looks like just a cash grab.
Re: Ghostbusters - The Girls Brigade
Post by Delly1984 on Jul 6th, 2016, 4:23pm

When I first saw that the reboot was as all female cast I was a bit concerned, I thought it was just being feminist for no good reason and I don't believe the girl power angle for a minute. Then I saw them in character as thought "this looks like a really sexist way to shove in a load of female sterotypes"

Then I saw then trailer........ Dear god.

Jokes about ectoplasm in the vagina and screeching Black loud mouth stereotypes do not endear me. This is not what I expect in anything Ghostbusters. Crass smutty humour is all that this trailer shows.

So I read a couple of interviews with Paul Feig.

Fiegy Fiegy Fiegy.... You have been a bad monkey !

The interviews read like the only reason he got involved is because it had been in development hell for years and he just wanted it out of the way. Then he goes on about it all being big business to make the studio money. He says he thought he could just call up all the funny women he knows and put them to use. Wow. This guy is really selling it.

He also says he couldn't bear the thought of the scripts he didn't like being used, like the idea of passing the torch to a younger generation. By this point I can sense Ramis turning is his grave.

So now we have 4 characters who so far cover -

the fat funny one

The nervous, pretty, nerdy one

The androgynous, eccentric tomboy

The black street smart loud mouth from the block.

Great work there guys, you just set female characters back 40 years.......

And to top it all off, in every TV appearance to promote the film, the majority of the time is spent swooning over the pretty buy receptionist, who from the trailer was only hired for his face due to an entire lack of PA skills.

I feel like I need to go see it to validate my opinions in the upcoming discussions that will inevitably happen, but I don't want my wages to encourage more of this sort of thing.

At least the theme tune survived..... Oh, wait......... Nope.

Re: Ghostbusters - The Girls Brigade
Post by Nick on Jul 7th, 2016, 11:56am